Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Classroom

I thought I would give a little tour of my preschool classroom.  I am co-teaching the 3 year olds this year!  I had the idea for the different colors, but bff Ashlee gave me the theme "song" for the class!!  I HAVE to have a just doesn't work without one!!;)  "Jesus Loves the Little Children" is our theme and this is outside our classroom....each large sheet holds a monthly art project and the small sheets are for their names.

You enter our EXTREMELY somewhat bright green room and continue singing the song while putting away your backpack and nap mat!!

Moving on to ..."red, brown, yellow, black and white...."

and finishing with our art feature wall!  

We have to include number posters in there!!  Photo bomber being so helpful passing out materials for Open House!!

Next is our alphabet wall...very colorful of course!!;)

And finishing with our birthday wall...which holds all the paper cupcakes we made on Open House night!

Now our room has artwork on the walls, a friendship paper mural, pictures, dirt on the floors, names on the tables and it is filled with 16 spunky kiddos!!  I really love my job and feel blessed to be at Grace Place. :)

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