Monday, October 6, 2014

Sweet Memories

 I came across some old photos on an SD card and decided to share a few of them....
sweet sweet memories

We were at one of Aidan's flag football games...he's in the middle with the ball!!  

Look at that face!!!  All smushed up and full of baby fat!  And MAN my momma is gorgeous!!

I cannot NOT smile at this precious picture.  I need to frame it!

 Stop it!!  I can't believe he is 4 now!


Biggest bro being super sweet to littlest bro!!

This is for you Ashlee!!!  Look at your babies!  (November 2010)

 I need to frame this one as help me make it through the difficult days when their relationship isn't as sweet and loving as this picture shows!;)

Daddy and his daughter...Valentine's 2011.  

These sweet pictures make me sad and happy....but mostly make me thankful that I take pictures.  As time passes you forget the little moments, even the big ones.  You don't see how big your kids have gotten...until you are sifting through old photos.  

Thank you Lord for this precious life and family that you have blessed me with!

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