Thursday, March 25, 2010

Owen _________ Tremaine

Yesterday I had my 36 week check up and I had high hopes, yes High Hopes! I prayed on my way to the appt that if that was the day to have Owen, that I wouldn't stress over everything I hadn't gotten done...ya know those nagging little things like....dishes in the sink, mail ALL over the counter, dirty laundry in the hallway, wet clothes in the washer as well as in the dryer, toys in every corner of the living room, clean clothes in every bedroom-staring at me wondering why they aren't in the proper drawers, dirty bathrooms...oh I could go on and on and on. Luckily I did get a few things done....that just HAD to be done....painting Owen's dresser and making new hospital shirts. And I also prayed that if it wasn't the day to have Owen I would be okay with it and not be disappointed...because well, it would give me more time to accomplish everything on the list above PLUS I'd still get to have a pedicure on Friday night with Ashlee!! I have been wanting to go into labor on my own...after having so many contractions on my own, I thought how incredible it would be to do it without pitocin.

So the stats of my appt are as follows... he is still a boy, measuring about a week ahead, he has a GINORMOUS HEAD, weighs approximately 6lbs 11oz, and I am 3-4cm dialated, 60% effaced, and ready to go at any time!! My feet and hands were swollen, a little protien in my urine, but my BP was still good. I was thrilled with the results!! I had felt like I was far along and really wanted to get confirmation from the doc. She was so surprised at how far along I was and said she was even half tempted to send me to L&D...but since my contractions were irregular she waited. She did tell me to come in immediately if they got closer...for fear that i would have the baby at home..HA HA!! We scheduled my next appt for next Thursday which is dun dun dun...April Fools Day!! No, I don't want my baby born on that, no, no!

So here I am waiting to all of the sudden "know" that it's do you know if you've never done this on your own before? I fear I might not know when or if I am truly in labor. I need God to send me a BIG OLE SIGN!! Break my water, have horrible pains or just the confidence that I will know when it's time. I am about to start on my list from above and maybe do some squats as well...teehee!!

FYI-We will reveal his middle name at the hospital as soon as we figure out what it will be...we are choosing between is "cute" and the other is "unique"...but both sound good with Owen Tremaine. We shall see!!

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