Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patty's Day Pics

We decided to take our St. Patrick Day photos in the same park that we took them in last year. It was a lot cooler this year, so we didn't have to compete with lots of other people!! Looking back at their pics from last year was very interesting..all in short sleeves and shorts!!
Here is my sweet 8 year old son Aidan oldest Irish babe. He is such a great helper and loves to give hugs and kisses!
Here is sweet 21 month old Breslyn Claire!! She is hitting her 2 year old stage...she is so loving, but pretty feisty too!!
And finally here is 4 year old Finley Patrick. He is a ball of energy, very emotional and very loving.

Here are just a few shots of my wonderful year there will be another baby to take photos of...4 kids...that should be a fun experience!!! Enjoy my SWEET IRISH BABES....

I love you three so very much, and i cannot wait to add your baby brother to the mix!!

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