Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick and Tired (and a little angry) I am sick of being sick. I am sick of being tired. I am sick of listening to myself complain! I have had the "snot" for 5 weeks...but for the last week I added a horrible cough and chest congestion to the list. As a pregnant woman I can only take certain I am taking about a million OTC drugs just to feel SLIGHTLY better. After a visit to the doc a diagnosis of an Upper Respiratory Infection was made. I get to ADD two more drugs to my already long list. I am now taking...drum roll please: 2 tylenol (every 8 hours or so), 2 allergy meds (every 12 hours), 1 decongestant (every 12 hours), cough med (every 12 hours), 1 antibiotic (once a day), prescription nasal spray (when I need it), vicks in and on my nose, wearing a breathe right strip and finally using a nettie pot (2x a day). Yes...if you add that up I am taking, in 24 hours, 11 pills PLUS the extras!!! Oh and I'm not sleeping...because I keep coughing....which I believe has torn a muscle in my side. Last night I actually thought i broke a rib. I realize I would be in excruciating pain if I actually had, but still!!! And let's add the stress of GUILT. I am growing this innocent baby inside me and whatever I take he is exposed to. I just find it difficult to believe that it is better for me and baby to take a million OTC drugs rather than one or two strong prescription drugs.

I have gone from being sad about being sick to feeling downright ANGRY. I am just as tired of hearing myself whine as everyone else is. It's annoying to listen to someone only focus on the bad in their life...but currently I can't focus on the rainbow for the heavy, thick, powerful clouds.!!

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