Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas time is here...

okay not quite. But as I begin to listen to Christmas music, oh who are we kidding, I listen to it year round...anyways, I begin to feel so great. I know that soon we will be driving up to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit our wonderful cousins!!
My memories of a Little Rock Thanksgiving:
*the smell of home grown, home cooked green beans from my great uncle's tiny farm
*the warmth of my great aunt and uncle's house...always quite toasty, but just perfect for the cold weather
*over-eating one year and being very very sick all night
*the aroma of pumpkin pie still lingering two days after Thanksgiving
*watching my mom fill out her Christmas cards on Friday....and now I try to carry on that tradition every year for my own family
*the gorgeous trees lining almost every a small kid they all looked like Christmas trees
*finally being cold enough to wear a coat
*sitting out on my great aunt and uncle's back porch and watching the beautiful leaves fall to the ground
*hating to leave every single year.

I enjoy having Thanksgiving here at home, but there is just something so special about traveling, the cold winter air, and being with extended family that I love so very much.


  1. Good memories for me, too. I LOVE your blog!!

  2. I thought his Daddy came up with another name for the baby, but I am so proud of Finley. He is interested in the new little one.