Friday, November 20, 2009

My Adorable Finley

Here he is in glasses! I really really didn't want him to have to wear glasses. With Aidan I was so afraid kids would make fun of him...I in fact cried when I found out he had to wear them. Of course he was absolutely adorable in his little boy frames. And to this day no one has picked on him. Different story for Finn....I have no doubt he could ever defend himself...he'll either call the bully a butt-head (which I do not approve of btw), or beat him up!! Finn can just take care of himself...always the fear of people making fun of him isn't there. I just didn't want another child to have to go through the same process. I had always seen Finn as healthy...loves fruits and veggies, milk and chicken....the TOTAL opposite of Aidan!!! I had attributed some of his health to my breastfeeding him. I always felt maybe he received more of the nutrients from the breastmilk to help in certain areas...mainly his weight and eyes. I had assumed that since Aidan was mostly formula fed that that is why he had weight and eye problems. But now I know....I can still do my best to breastfeed my kiddos, but I don't control their fate....I shamed Joey...I told him our poor kiddos will have his bad eyes and my bad teeth!! They don't stand a chance...we just have to pray and do our best to keep them healthy!

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  1. Finley is adorable. I agree, there should be no problem with his being able to defend himself. But, boy, are the girls going adore him!!