Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prayer Request and Praise....

I ask that my readers pray for the Ely family.
They just lost EVERYTHING they own in a fire.
A little back story...
This family is related to a woman that works with Joey.  They have been living with family for the last three years.  The two of them and their TWO YEAR OLD little girl just moved into their own place (townhome) recently.
This week their home caught fire and burned and DESTROYED all that they have.  INCLUDING their has smoke damage.  Unfortunately they did not have renters insurance to help replace all that they lost.

My heart is broken for this family...but especially the little girl...she lost EVERY doll, EVERY blanket, ALL her clothes, her bed and ALL her Christmas presents.  EVERYTHING.

I know what it is like to lose precious items to a fire...I know how scary it is to be in a fire...I know what it's like to have someone hurt because of a fire...I know the fear.  I ALSO know how wonderful it is to not lose EVERYTHING in a fire...I know how blessed my family was that we didn't lose our lives or our entire house.
Please please take a moment to pray for this family...that the Lord would surround them with His love and peace and strength.  Pray the Lord will provide their EVERY need...through family, friends and even perfect strangers!

And the praise...I must brag on my sweet children.  Tonight when faced with eating ice cream at Chick Fil-A (because it would support our elementary school) or giving that same money towards something for this hurting family, my precious kids without skipping a beat, said they wanted to donate it to the family.  Joey and I choked back tears at the tenderness of their hearts.  With their dessert money and a gift card I got from a child at school, we were able to get the little girl some clothes and pjs!  We are also gathering for them every "gently used" stuffed animal, book and blanket we have.

Again...please keep this family in your prayers because THEY.NEED.IT.


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