Friday, April 23, 2010

I am attempting to "link up" to one of my favorite blogs today....Kelly's Korner is asking for us to share how we met our husbands, and I thought I would give this whole "sharing" thing a try!! Teehee...I'm not computer savvy and don't even know how to link to her website, but even if it doesn't work I don't mind having a record of how I met my INCREDIBLE HUSBAND JOSEPH!!

He and I met our first year at college. My friend Adrean and I were taking a summer class as was Joey. We three sat on the same row, but pretty much had no contact with each other except for passing papers up and down our isle. Well it happened that we all three were entered in the Honors program for the Fall semester...and again we sat close to each other. And that is where our relationship as friends began. There was always harmless flirting going on between Joey and myself...but I had a boyfriend....that complicated matters!! ;) Anyways, Joey and I hung out, went to lunch together, went for long drives listening to Dave Mathews Band, and just really got to know each other. Even as friends we had our own song...John Michael Montgomery's "Friends." The more we hung out, the more I wanted our relationship to be more than what it was.

Eventually my boyfriend and I broke up...and who was the first person I called...of course it was true love!! He and I officially started dating March 30th, 1997 (the day after my previous relationship ended...teehee!!) We were both soooo happy to finally be free to love each other....finally we could HOLD HANDS and KISS!!! Whoohoo!! :) We would pass each other notes in class and continue our sweet of which was at a mom and pop diner. We were working on a research paper and at one point Joey took my notebook, jotted down a few things and then handed it back to me. He asked me to marry him...unofficially of course!! He said he would marry right then and there if he had the money, a ring, etc!! Well, that was all it took...I started picturing our life together and that made my heart smile and my soul sing!!

He proposed March 1999, I accepted and we were married on June 10th 2000!! We are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary....originally we had planned on taking a trip to New York City to celebrate, but instead we will be taking care of our newborn son Owen!! Maybe in five more years we will get to take that trip.

I love him so much and he is a wonderful husband (and father). I look forward to another great 10+ years together!! :)

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