Sunday, April 4, 2010

32 on my 32nd....well, almost

I want to list 32 things I am grateful for on this my 32nd Birthday...well, it will be on Friday. So here goes:

  1. My Lord....enough said...or is it? I would have nothing in my life without Him. My life would be empty. Although I have felt a distance from Him for over 5 years now, I still know that life isn't worth living without a relationship with Him.
  2. My husband. A man who loves me just as I am....every fault and flaw included. He takes such great care of the kiddos and me. He knows my every secret, my every dream. I would not want to walk this road without him by my side.
  3. My children. 10 years ago if someone would have told me I would have 4 kids before my 10 year anniversary I would have first slapped them, then I would have passed out. But being a mommy is the ABSOLUTE BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I love to see my children smile, hug me, blow me kisses, draw me a picture, sing Amazing Grace, become content when I sing "you are my sunshine", build a skyscraper with Lego's and just be themselves. I can never thank God enough for each of my little "blessings".
  4. My parents...who taught me so much, teaches me to this day, supports my family and loves my babies. It is said that when a child is little they KNOW their father knows everything. And by the time said child has reached 13 they KNOW their father knows nothing. I am 31 and I still believe my daddy knows pretty much EVERYTHING. My mom is so beautiful, talented, creative and totally trendy. I pray I will look as hip as her when I am her age!!
  5. My incredible woman. She has shown me generosity, caring, selflessness and she is always willing to help me out. I cannot count how many loads of MY laundry and MY dishes she has washed! There are not many people out there who want to help others instead of focusing on themselves.
  6. My In-laws. Bill is always providing us with milk...which is like gold at it's current retail price...and the kiddos love him to pieces. Linda is always willing to listen and help out...and of course the chillins love her too...well, B doesn't show it yet but I'm sure she will soon!! Teehee.
  7. My friends. I have had many friends in my life....some close, some just acquaintances, and some that fill my heart with love to the limit. Right now in this time of my life it is hard to raise 3 (soon 4) kids and make time to be with friends. God has blessed me with neighbor, employer (teehee), friend and confidant. We have so much in common and I've never had a friend care THIS much about my family and me. I love you Ash.
  8. Joey's job.
  9. My job.
  10. Music. What would life be like without music? I NEVER want to know. Old Hymns, 90's country, 90's period, Jazz, Musicals...Ah, my love for music.
  11. TV....thank goodness for DVR.
  12. Movies...especially when I've been ordered to bed rest.
  13. Church.
  14. Sunday school...or LifeGroups, or whatever your church calls it!
  15. The Bible.
  16. outlet and favorite pastime.
  17. Reading blogs....I'm currently obsessed with reading to see how others decorate, create and live.
  18. My car....even though sometimes it's hard to get into gear and the cruise broke (today).
  19. Doctors....have to drive a far ways to each doctor/dentist, but worth it for the care.
  20. Ultrasounds. Seeing my unborn babies on a little screen is one of the best moments ever. Seeing Owen's little first they weren't growing at the same pace, then they were full of fluid, and then to see them normal on an u/s machine is a wonderful feeling.
  21. My house. Every day I thank God for our wonderful house. It isn't a mansion, but it holds our family and I enjoy making it a home.
  22. Singing.
  23. Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies videos.
  24. White powdered donuts, home made caramel popcorn and GUM.
  25. Feeling a baby move in my cannot top that....EVER EVER EVER.
  26. Scrapbooking weekends away with my Juju. We have a blast and catch up on all our 'work'. I love hanging out with my Juju, not being a mommy for a little while, lounging in our pj's and watching the Game Show Network.
  27. Dr. Pepper, Coke with Cherry (from Sonic) and swEEEEEt tea!
  28. My laptop.
  29. Facebook.
  30. Paychecks.
  31. Back rubs from the hubs (yes, he's currently doing that as I type)!!
  32. Opportunities to pray....I say that because even though I want to make time to pray every day, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Sometimes my heart just isn't in it. But other days if feels so great to ask forgiveness, start clean, ask for God's blessing for others and for ourselves, and give thanks.
There ya have it. It seems like a pretty long list, but it doesn't even begin to cover all that I am thankful for.

Such blessings....for this I am grateful.

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