Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: November 29th

Well we are in the final Thursday of Thanks!

I could come up with MANY things to give thanks for, but I decided to share with you what I always thank God for in my prayer time.

You've already read the first four things I am thankful for in previous posts: first- God, second- my husband, third- my kids, fourth- my parents and in-laws.

Usually after I have thanked God for all those people I have a set of other things/people I thank Him  for.....
our jobs
our cars
our friends
our church
our house
and love.

I am so blessed and anytime I feel like whining about something going on in my life I think on these things and I can't help but smile and be happy!!

Have a wonderful last few days of November dear friends!!

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