Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Well, let me say....Halloween was a hoot!  Our family, plus my parents, plus our family BFFs all went to my parents church for Trunk or Treat!

Earlier in the year B asked to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz...well naturally that turned into EVERYONE needing to participate!!  Unfortunately my big boys decided they didn't want to go along with the theme.  :(  Bummer for this momma!  Oh well, they looked fine and had a good time...that's what counts...right?

I must say that Breslyn is very blessed to have such wonderful grandparents and family that are willing to act so silly for her!! ;))  But in all honesty we ALL had fun dressing up in costumes!!  It doesn't get any better than The Wizard of Oz!!!

Aren't my parents AWESOME?!!  And my mom is ridiculously beautiful as Glinda!!

At one point Joey said he couldn't tell where I was looking...I didn't believe him until I saw this picture!!  Spooky!!

Fun on the bounce house...

Joshua getting air!!!

Keegan, Spiderman, Daredevil...

Tin hottie...

Somehow I forgot to get individual pictures of the kids!! :(((  Shame on momma.  So no up close pics of Aidan or Owen...bummer!  :/

We had a great, what theme will go with next year??!!  Any suggestions??  I hope you all had an AWESOME Halloween!!

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