Thursday, November 22, 2012

Save Money vs. Avoid Crazy!

So here I sit..just hours before the first retail store door will open and people will pile in.  

I sit here pondering my options...go tonight and save some money OR wait till next week and avoid the crazy people who will be out practically all weekend!  

What are you doing?

I've scoured the ads and I have compared them with what I have written down to buy.  I would love to save some moola, but I'm not seeing a lot of great deals.  Breslyn needs long sleeve shirts which will be on sale at Khols.  They are marked down to $4ish from $7ish.  Is it worth it?  

Two years ago I went out with my bestie on our very first Black Friday trip!!  She had one thing that we were pursuing...a DS.  It was so much fun getting up early and prepping ourselves for the hunt!  Last year she was out of town so I got up early (6ish) and headed out by myself.  I got a few things, but not GREAT deals.  And this year she is out of town again :(.  So I am torn. 

I could use the sleep...I'm pretty tired.  I would love to have some of the shopping done.  

I have been dealing with anxiety lately, and being near crazy will only make that worse.   It might not be as bad as I anticipate, after all I'm not going to be in the electronic section around those "determined" people that waited outside for days for a great deal on a TV.  

I could stand a little excitement.  I could also enjoy bundling up in my jammies and watching some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies with the hubs!  

What to do?  What to do? ;)   

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