Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween 2010!! {First I apologize..some of the pics are out of order.} We attended the Grace Trunk or Treat again this we have done every year for the past 4 years. A great time was had by all!! The kids loved getting the candy, playing in the bounce houses, eating fried, cheesy food, playing in the cake walk and spending time with family!!

See...out of order, but oh well!! Ha! Grandpa holding B!

Most of the kiddos posing with Gaga!!

Owen...our little BOY dragon!! Thank you Ashlee for the cutie patootie costume!!

Finley...our blue-eyed, pink-cheeked Tyrannosaurs Rex!!

Breslyn....our precious GIRL bow and tutu included!!

And Aidan....awesome Ian Kinsler!! Right now the Rangers are in the World Series...that has never happened in franchise it's kind of a big deal!! Hahaha! Anyways, we think he looked pretty cool {wig and all}!

Kristi Stevens and mom...two beautiful ladies!!

She is in control...not us, ya see! "I push!!"

This is Finley's BESTEST friend..Ashton. They have been in preschool together since last year. They get along so well and miss each other if they miss cute!!

Gaga giving O-bug some lovin!!

This is Bro. Donnie, the preacher at Grace. They represent the Rangers well!!

Gaga and Grandpa always volunteer to open their trunks and give away candy...I love that they take the time to do that for others..not just my kiddos. Very generous!!

B jumping in the bounce house...during her crazy time she accidentally ripped her tutu {which was handmade by Gaga!!}! So now I have to try and fix it...doesn't B know I don't know how to sew??!!

Sweet Gawa {as she is now called} holding O-dragon!! Doesn't she look pretty in orange?!

We had a blast again this year. It was a bit hard to get up this morning though! Halloween should always be on Friday or Saturday nights..just sayin!!

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