Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Gets the Shaft

Poor Thanksgiving. Why doesn't this WONDERFUL holiday get the recognition it deserves? I mean really...Halloween gets so much hype...isn't that a pagan holiday? Yes, my family does get dressed up and goes trunk or treating and we decorate and enjoy the yummy candy. I am not judging anyone who enjoys this holiday. And then there is Christmas...my FAVORITE holiday!! It is about the Lord's birth...it deserves all the celebration and regalement that it receives. And yes we revel in the gifts, the food, the time spent with family, the music and the incredible decorations!! And I would venture to say that the Lord's birth doesn't get talked about enough during this time because we are too focused on the materialistic part of the holiday...I pray every year that I would show my kids the REAL reason for the season...and usually every year I fail.

But between these two hugely celebrated holidays is one very special time that is in need of some serious acknowledgment. Thanksgiving is wonderful.....a time to tell and show others what we are grateful for. The air is getting cooler, fires are being lit in fireplaces, leaves are falling from trees, autumn wreaths are hung on front doors, pumpkin fragrance fills the air, families gather together and love on each other...it is deserving of an incredible celebration. So why do we "skip" this holiday? I was in Walmart on Sunday {Halloween} shopping for groceries, and right next to the 400 bags of Halloween candy a worker was setting up a Christmas tree!! Really? I know...why is this a surprise...it happens every single year. But just once I wish more emphasis was put on this special day. Maybe all I can do is make sure MY family makes the most of this great time of year.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone....enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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