Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Days 13 through 16

November 13th: I am thankful for Saginaw, TX. While attending Aidan's football practice tonight {11/16} I realized how wonderful Saginaw is. The bright lights of the softball field were shining down on the boys as they practiced...the wind was blowing...parents were standing around proudly admiring their boys...it was such a great feeling. Saginaw definitely has a hometown feel, but with perks like Walmart and numerous restaurants, a wonderful school district, a YMCA and many other draws. I just love it and I am so grateful to be able to raise my kiddos here!

November 14th: I am thankful for great movies. I've seen so many great movies lately...it's nice to get away from reality and sink into fantasy...a few recommendations: Due Date {dry humor but funny}, Killers {hot Ashton Kutcher}, Grown Ups {fuuuuuny}, oldies like Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, Elf, White Christmas and looking forward to many more!!

November 15th: I am thankful for love songs....oh, just shut up!!

November 16th: I am thankful for Ashlee. My sweet dear friend....she has shown me what it means to be selfless to your family and friends. She shows me you can be a super mom. She has shown me the happy in the difficult, the best during the worst. I love you Ash.

November 17th: I am thankful for Sonic. Every Tuesday and Thursday I try and get a Route 44 Coke on my way home from taking Finn to Preschool....and I luuuhhhhhhhve it!! It lasts me all day. Ahhh, Sonic...I love you.

{yes, some of my thanks are a bit petty, but I don't care. I can say all the things people normally say, or I can name some unique things...so I chose the latter!! Ha!!}

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