Friday, December 20, 2013

Photo Dump...Week of November 18th

Let's see...I believe this was Monday!!  Haha!  Love I say that too much?!!  

The police came to visit our little preschool on Tuesday the 19th...the pup loved much so that he "wicked" him!!  So this pic of him is blurry, from darting from KLUV, the pooch!  

 Oh my...this is my class.  Can you see the officer on the far right?  Yep, he struck a pose with little Sami in our class.  I loved it!!  He didn't hesitate (and I have four more of these pics to prove what a great sport he was!!)  Pay no attention to me...I'm barking orders at someone. Ha!

That afternoon Grandma played a rousing game of cards with B.  Oh how they love each other!

Wednesday morning...this is how they joyfully ate breakfast.  Each of the big three had their own cereal boxes and turned them where they didn't have to look at each other.  
Yep...that's how we do mad in this house.  

Thursday was my Momma's birthday!!  Her cake was beautiful AND yummy!!

Love this man!  And yes, I am married to Captain is of upmost importance that you don't share that information with the world.  If his secret were to get out you know what would happen to the people he loves.  Oh you don't?  Well, we would be in danger. ;)

Sunday Joey and I taught the kiddos upstairs during big church.  I admit there are days when I dread leading that class, but there are times when I love it.  
It is so much fun to be in class with two of my own kidlets!  

That afternoon my MIL and FIL came over for a visit.  We had yummy spaghetti and then sat around chatting all afternoon.....

...well, the men watched the Cowboys and napped.    

This little man kept me company that night...we laid in bed together and watched Call of the Wildman on tv.  Good times.

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