Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photo Dump...whatever week we are on!!

Good Gracious!!  I can't remember when my last photo dump was...October sumpin?!  
So let's just jump right in somewhere...ha! 

October 21st through October 31st....

First up...the Pumpkin Patch!  We had a great time as always...I fear this won't be much fun as the kids continue to get bigger.  Aidan was a bit bored. :(

See the little girl behind Owen...she was in LOVE with Owen!!  Teehee...she kept trying to hug him and hold his hands!  So cute!!

Hay ride happiness!!

My little goofball!!

Scary clouds one morning!!  

It was Orange Color Day at school this month!!  

A SUPER SWEET family gave me a gift card to my FAVORITE restaurant!!!  Whoop!  

Then there was a weekend...but apparently I only took pics on Sunday!!  Ha! 

Preparing for my mini photo shoots the next two weekends!!

Keegan and Owen playing Santa, whipping the reindeer into shape!!   

 I went over to my besties house to watch her make Halloween treats for the teachers at our school...she is too much!!

I made a mad dash to Hob Lob to try and throw together two Potato Head costumes....

While there Keegan decided that this man (founder of Hob Lob) looks just like Grandpa (my dad)!!  Love it!

Finally it was Halloween Day!!!  My whole family went as the Round-Up Gang (which I shared HERE) At the last minute I made a little headband and tail for my Grandma to wear as my mom's little sheep!!  

Whoohoo for the end of October!!!  Haha!!  Up next....Finn's 8th Birthday Party!!

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