Monday, December 16, 2013

Stepping Out in Faith

There have been times in my life, our married life, that we have had to step out in faith and trust that God would provide.  We trusted Him when we found out we were pregnant, just built our first home, gleaming faces ready for our grown up life...only for me to lose my job, which in turn lost us our house (before we even signed the papers).  We knew God would provide.

We trusted Him.....when we were a lonely couple living in a rent house in a"less-than-desirable" area of town...when we moved to a new city...when we bought our first house...when we lost our first baby - trusting that our future babies would not have this baby's disease...when we moved back to our home city...when we bought our house...and we've trusted Him in the little every day things.

So we WILL trust Him in the next big thing.  

The hubs lost his job Friday.

Most people we sought advice from pointed us one direction, while our hearts went another.  Without writing a novel, God had given me a peace months ago about Joey needing to quit his job.  But without the right push, it probably wasn't going to happen.  Well, the push came and although we wish it weren't under these certain circumstances, we are at peace with the outcome.

God knows my greatest love language is security...and He knows I get that security from Joey having a job.  So for me not to be freaking out over our situation can only be attributed to God and His overflowing love and peace.

Can I ask you to pray for our family?  We have told the kids and they are asking questions.  I ask prayers for provision and continued peace for our family. 

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