Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Photo Dump...November 11th

Sunday November 11th, the bestie came over for a few hours of BAKING!!  I decided that I wanted to say thank you to lots of people that do so much for us...and so I made a bunch of white/chocolate covered pretzels AND peanut butter balls....HEAVEN!!  Afterwards we went and celebrated Finley's birthday with family at a local mexican food restaurant!

Monday, Grandma and I (and these two) headed out to Kohls for a little clothes shopping for me!! 

 THE BEST PART of this week was when Ashlee had THE sonogram to find out the sex of her baby!!!  Eeeeek....IT'S A GIRL!!!  Right after the appointment we all met at Trinity Park to do a quick photo session to announce to the world that a baby girl is on the way!!

Thursday at work, I found this vintage book and immediately asked my director if I could keep it...she was adamant that I keep it (a little lot old and falling apart!)!!

B....chilling in her jammies....wearing her Thanksgiving indian hat.  Yep!

And finally it was Friday....

Ashlee and I shopped ALL DAY celebrating Baby Camille!!  We headed to Southlake Town Square to start...then made our way to other areas finally ending at Chili's for a late night dinner!

Babies R Us...we might have sat down in these AMAZING chairs and rocked ourselves for 40 15 minutes!!!

This is me...frustrated at the lack of bumpers to choose from...ugh!!

Saturday...a random Elvis sighting...

I made burlap garland for my Christmas tree!!!

She really wanted Owen to drop some food!!

Sunday afternoon I had a big photo shoot in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I was finally able to find the Riverwalk part of the SY!!!  It was incredible, and I am beyond thrilled to have a new place to take pics!!

Happy Tuesday friends!!

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