Sunday, December 8, 2013

Finley's 8th Birthday...Grapevine Aquarium

We decided to take Finley to our "local" aquarium for his birthday party.  We ALL took the day off from our respective jobs/school, so that we could go when it wouldn't be crowded!  We went on November worked out well for the after-Halloween coma we were all in!

All the group photos!!!  Just keeping it ALL real!!

Pretty cool...he loved that his name was all over EVERY wall!!  

I couldn't use my flash, so the pics aren't so great.  :(

I LOVED this little guy...he kept coming to me and "smiling"!!!

And the infamous tunnel...all glass....oh, how I did NOT want to cross it......

...but the kids (and Joey) were so encouraging..."you can do it!!!!"


Opening his present from Keegan and Joshua....

 ...then off to Legoland store to get his presents from us!!

We had a picnic lunch, and although the kids had great fun on the playground and running around...the wind was AWFUL and a lot of our food blew away!  Ha!!

And there ya have it!!!  Finn's big bash (minus the family)!!  

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