Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

For some reason I didn't take very many pictures this year...during Santa, or when both sets of grandparents were here. :(  I guess I was too excited about the big kids gifts!  They each got one thing (except for Owen)...one BIG thing, that they had been wanting.  It was so fun to see their eyes get huge, their mouths drop and the happiness that they expressed!

And now for the BIG gifts....
Aidan got his TV!

Breslyn got a Nabi...it's a Disney-filled tablet thingy.  :)

And Finn got his Kindle!!  

My parents and brother came over for breakfast and presents.  We always have such a great time and I love the tradition of getting together Christmas morning for a big breakfast!!

See...two pics and that's it!  Pathetic {I think I'll claim that I was too distracted by the TERRIBLE pain in my back, to take tons of pictures!!}!

Then my in-laws came over, as well as Joey's sister and her family!  We had a huge lunch...ham, beans, mashed potatoes, salad...yummy!!  And I have one pic to show for that time...gaw! :(  Oh, well...we really did have a great time!

And that was our Christmas morning in a nutshell!!  

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