Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014...My New Year's Resolutions!

Oooo, did that catchy title draw you in?!!  Heehee!  And now for my much anticipated resolutions....

I'm not making any!!

That's right.  None.

I fail  And I'm sick of failure.  So this year, I won't set myself up for that mental walk of shame that I face around March...when I realize I have yet again let my goals take a back burner to life, laziness or selfishness.  

I AM however making a few is the new year, which always means a fresh start...for everyone!  So I will take it!!  Most of the changes I want to make cannot even be measured, because many of them are changes in my heart, personality and spirit.  

And there are a few changes I want to make that will be spending less time holding onto my phone for dear life, when my kiddos just want my turning off the TV and other electronics for a lazy-brain having more patience when dealing with my kids...and there are many more.  

I cannot express how much I appreciate and LOVE a fresh new beginning.  I pray that God will help me to focus on these changes I want to make, and push me when I'm feeling like I can't.  I pray the Holy Spirit will convict me when I fail, and encourage me when I'm doing it right.  

Happy New Year Family and Friends!!

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