Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Dec 29th

 Sunday started off with me skipping church to help Ashlee paint Camille's room!!  


I decided it was officially time to put away the lovlies...I DESPISE the putting away of Christmas decor!  Like!!  But I LOVE how bare and minimal and clean the house feels after the decorations are all put away!!  Fresh start please?!

 Sunday afternoon I was snuggling with this little monster....I posted this on IG:

That night we put together B's new Friends Legos!!  We had to put it together by the light of daddy's new flashlight!  I love her room, especially all the natural light during the day, but the lighting in her room stinks!  I had fun hanging out with the princess!! 

Tuesday I helped Finn put together his new Lego sets...I think I did most of the work, but I had fun watching his eyes light up when I'd get a section put together!! :)

New Year's Eve we hung out with the Szymanskis!  Whoot!!  Pizza, cookies and sweet tea!!

New Year's Day we hung out at my Grandma's house most of the day!  Eating lots and playing lots!!

Grandpa likes her a little bit! ;)

I was so proud of her...Quiddler is not an easy game, and she did fabulous!!  

I also started the Instagram challenge put on by Andrea McAnally and Erika!!  It has definitely been  fun!!  So there will be some random pics here and there, but they were taken for this challenge!! ;))

Day 2 challenge!

Day 3!

I made some chex yumminess, that Ashlee turned me on to!!  Oh sweet goodness...I die!!

Day 4!

We got Swapees (Slurpee) Saturday!!

Day 5!

And I just loved this outfit!!  Green and Navy blue...

I hope you are having a great Saturday friends!!!

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  1. That selfie of you is FABulous! Seriously love the hair and you look great. And now I want a "swapee."