Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Dec 22nd

Oooo, look at me all doing a second post the same day!!  Hahaha!!  On to the photos!

First there was this!  Haha!!  Crazy hair Sunday!

And apparently crazy hair Monday!!

Monday night...only a miracle whip and cheese sandwich would fit the hungry bill!!  Yumm!

And Christmas Eve day, I decided his locks had to go!!  Much cuter and happier!!

He decided to help me make some Nutter Butter balls for upcoming parties Christmas gatherings myself!  And boy were they yummy!!  Oh, I did share some with my Momma! 

She was I guess only TWO fuzzy blankets would do the trick!

Christmas Eve we headed to Gaga and Grandpa's house to celebrate with family {the big kids were already it was just Owen, Joey and me}!!

Just a few pics of my their house...they don't do the house justice!!  So beautiful!!

He wanted to play outside, but first he had to dress like a little girl??  

Family togetherness!!  I love them all!

I skipped the pie and went straight for the yummy cheesecake in the background!!  It was perfect!

{insert lots of Christmas present opening and food..which I covered in another post}
Christmas Day Crash...staying up late, getting up early and acting crazy all morning makes for some tired parents kids, so we just took it easy that afternoon! ;)

B did paint my nails...

B playing with her Nabi...

Thursday or Friday {because I can't remember which} I let my bestie in on a little fact...THE color for 2014 is PURPLE!!  Oh no!  We are not fans.  Not even when you pretty it up with a name like Radiant Orchid!  Blech!

At some point I indulged in a little ice cream!!  

And we ended the week still playing with our Christmas goodies!!  I love this picture of my littlest man!

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