Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Jan 5th

Oh my word...I love this little cutie!  And I love her Gaga for fixing this outfit...she had outgrown it, but Gaga to the rescue!!

Again...I am doing an Instagram challenge so they will be numbered!  Day 7: This... is what I did during preschool inservice!!

Day 8: My winter mantle makes me smile!

Day 9: Proud moment...this boy reading from the bus stop all the way home!!  

Thursday while Bres was at gymnastics, I hung out with Ashlee!  She had just received a HUGE box of clothes for her kids from her MIL.  It was so much fun watching her go through all the beautiful baby clothes!  

After gym I treated the kids to Taco Bell, because sometimes a Momma is just too tired to cook!!

B was WORN out from gymnastics...I love a sleeping baby, even if they are 5..and drooling!!

Friday...SO COLD!!!  We were waiting on the bus, which is late just about every single day!

Day 10: Favorite.  Since I can't really pick a favorite child ;) I went with my favorite hobby!!

Saturday Owen and I visited Joey at his new job!  The sign by the road says, "No haggling!  No vultures!"  Hahaha!!  

Day 11: acting like a goofball at school!!  I'm totally respected around there ya know!! Ha!

Saturday afternoon Owen and I went down to Ashlee's house to play...Owen loves their "Gatorade"!!  

We've been working on Owen's eating habits.  I will admit he has gone to bed hungry (from pure stubbornness I tell ya)!!  But this night he ate ham...a little, but it was a victory!!

Sunday and Day 12: Shoes!

B and I attended a birthday party...we first hit up Target for a gift and some funny face selfies!!

Lonnnnnng week.  Glad we had fun...glad it's over!!  :)

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