Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Aidan!

I can't believe you are 12!!

I can't believe you are almost taller than me (like seriously...we only differ by maybe a centimeter...or I might be in denial that you are actually taller)!

I can't believe you are entering are definitely a TWEEN.  No doubt...for sure!  

I love you son.  I am so proud of you and that incredibly giving, sweet heart of yours!  You have grown so much over the past year..physically and emotionally.  I pray you will continue to grow spiritually over the next year.  I want you to be an influence on those around you.  This world is FULL of the wrong influences, and I want you to shine bright as a light for Christ.  
I love you Bubba, and now I must ask you to stop.GrOwInG!  Please!! ;)  
Thank you for being so helpful around the house, for wanting to play trombone/french horn duets with me, for still wanting hugs and kisses at bedtime, for wanting to be a part of our youth group, for stepping outside your comfort zones, for loving the Lord.  

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