Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Jan 12th

And here we go for another rousing week!!  Haha!!

I made this caramel marshmallow!!  Like the fancy bowl?  Yep that is high quality tupperware right there!!

Just a random shot of ALL the flippin laundry I do on Mondays...and then my WONDERFUL Grandma comes over on Tuesdays to help fold, hang up and put it all away!!

Tuesday...Still doing the January IG challenge.  This day was "inside my bag".  Riveting, I know.  ;)

Wednesday my IG challenge..."bedhead"...but a cute one!!

Thursday's IG "cheer"....which is what one of Owen's SWEET teachers did by helping him conquer writing his name!!!  Mrs. Danielle is so patient.  Owen had a mini meltdown because he just couldn't get it, so she quietly sat down beside him and encouraged him!!  

Rocking out some tunes with the oldest...French horn and trombone duet....AWESOME!!  I recorded a few of our songs...maybe I'll share one someday!!

Keegan really is like part of the family..."brotherly love" going on here!!  Being quiet and nice (for a change!!)!

Friday's IG "My ride"...

Aidan went to DNOW at our church Friday through Sunday.  He bunked with a great family and I believe he really gained a lot of knowledge about the Lord this weekend. :))

Saturday I worked my tushie off in the garage!  This was all to donate!  Whew!  (And I had more the next week!!

My parents came over for dinner Saturday said I couldn't post this pic on IG or FB...but there was no ban on my blog!!!  My dad?  No words.

 This was Sunday morning...yes I took a pic during worship time, but I was just so proud of Aidan for hanging with the youth.  Love him.

Another week down!!  

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