Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Dec 15th

The week started with the three big kids and I visiting my "home" church.  It is where I went to church most of my life, and where my parents and Grandma still go.  They were performing their Christmas cantata, so we decided to go and surprise them!!

Yes...I took a pic in church!!!  Eeek...but it was worth it, even with the bad quality.  That's my beautiful Grandma on the front row in the green shirt...three from the right!  

My pretty girl all dressed up for school that Monday!  

I LOVE receiving Christmas cards, especially when "my" pics are on the card!!  I love this sweet family and enjoy taking their picture every year!!

Jumping to was a BUSY day at preschool.  Parties and fun ALL.MORNING.LONG!  We, the staff, were thrilled to get to go to lunch as a group!!  It was pajama day at yes, we all went in our pjs to Chili's.  We only received a few weird looks!! ;)  These are a great group of ladies and I had so much fun with them!

Our AMAZING director, Sara!!  She looks to be laying down the law with her fist all tight, but really she is just explaining to us that Grace Place would be buying our lunch!  Awesome!

These first two ladies are Obug's teachers!  Mrs. Michelle (Msssschelle) and Mrs. Danielle (MisDanieellle) are awesome!  Owen loves coming to school and they are so great with him!  

My teaching partner....Mollie....LOVE her!!!

Later that night I took a picture of ALL THE GOODIES I received from the sweet kiddos at school!!  

Friday was a BIG day for was my first time to "host" a party as a room mom.  Y'all...that job is no joke!!  It stressed me out, and I'm already fretting over the other TWO parties we are "allowed" to have.  Goodness!  Anyways, I decided that The Grinch would be our theme, and I think everything came together well.  Just a couple pics (I'll do a full post with lots of pics later)!

Saturday, I needed to get out and buy a few more Christmas gifts...and while I was looking for Aidan some blue jeans, I came across this precious baby girl shirt!!  So glad Ashlee is having a girl!!!  :))

Then Saturday afternoon I had choir practice at church.  We were preparing for our Candlelight service the next day.   

My favorite person missed practice, because she just HAD to have Christmas with her family...gaw!  But Traci was there the next afternoon for practice and we had tons of fun!  :)  

Sunday morning...sweet B all ready to go to church and then see the Nutcracker with Gaga!!  She was a little excited!!

Joey and I had kids church big boys joined us for the morning!  Aidan...good gracious!!

We made Happy Birthday Jesus party hats during class!!  

That night my family AND Ashlee and her family came to the Candlelight service!!!  It was so nice having them all there!  

We sang the old Christmas favorites, and some new songs as well.  The lights were out and only our candles were lit for the last song...I was so choked up I couldn't even sing (this happened last year too!)!  So I just held my beautiful candle and stared out at the crowd, totally moved by the love of a baby being born, just to die on a cross...all for me.  

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  1. I swear I looked at that last picture and wondered how on earth you took it while we were singing -- or supposed to be singing, but sniffling instead -- before I realized it was on a table. I was about to be VERY impressed with your stealthy picture taking!