Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photo Dump...Finn's Birthday Week

Let's see....November 3rd....We didn't have Finn on his actual birthday.  He went with his Gaga and Grandpa to Austin to watch the Longhorn game!!  So we sang to him Monday the 4th!!

I edited pics throughout the day {I had my first round of mini photo shoots the weekend before} beautiful boss and her handsome hubby!

That night Ashlee had to work late, so I had K later than normal...

Tuesday...just a selfie before, hope this isn't an insult to my momma, but I see her here!! ;)

The month of November I was in charge of Science for the 4 year old classes.  We experimented with candy...will it float or won't it?!  The kids had a great time finding out!

Finley found this cute little robot in Aidan's closet...a present from Grandma {last Christmas}, and decided it needed to be played with...we had lots of fun!!

Wednesday was the 50th day of school, so B's class decided to dress in 50's wear to celebrate!!  I had to fix B's poodle skirt.  Gaga made it for her when she was 2...and even though my baby girl is MUCH bigger now, it still fits!!  Yay!

I got to go up and visit B for a little while!  It was a half day, but a perfect day for me to join her {and her teacher!!}!

Thursday silliness...

I decided to have some hot chocolate...and a couple few tons of marshmallows!!

Friday I decided to tackle a few projects that have been waiting for a while...a mirror I've been wanting to turn into a chalkboard...

Four coats later and it was finally time to use it!  ha!!

And a platter I painted a year and a half ago needed a touch-up.  

Someone wanted to him.

Another week down!!

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