Sunday, December 29, 2013

Photo Dump...Finally December and the ICE STORM!

The first week of December...

Keegan and Owen built a tent.

We saw our preacher's son on the news!!  Go Carter!!

Tuesday after we got home from school, and while I was getting my stuff out of the front seat, Owen decided to hold the exhaust pipe of my Expedition!!  Oh it burned him BAD!!  
It looked worse about day 3.  

Wednesday I went up to visit B and took individual pics of her classmates, for a Christmas project for Ashlee Mrs. Szymanski!!

Wednesday afternoon I knew I better go take the kids Christmas pics...the ice storm was predicted to hit late Thursday evening.  So off we trotted, full of attitude and crankiness.  It was lovely.

"Look Mom...I look like Grandpa!"  Hahaha!!!

Thursday I worked...but it was a mad house getting everyone out of the preschool safely!!  I royally messed up my windshield wipers driving home...the rain was freezing on my windshield.  I was very lucky that I made it home without my view being completely obstructed!  This is what we had Friday morning...ICE, ICE and more ICE!!  HARD very dangerous ice.

So we had many days of tv/movie watching, baking, ornament making, card making and freezing cold outside play.

One night we braved our subdivision ice and headed to the bestie's house for game night!!!

 More ice....

I put a new header up on the blog!!!

And I took a few pics of our Christmas decor!!

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