Thursday, October 15, 2009

and the SWINE FLU has hit HARD!!

Well, last Thursday Aidan came home early from school with a horrible headache but no fever. I assumed it was snot related and let it go. He slept all afternoon and went to bed early. The next day he was full on fever-headache-sore throat sufferin! Well a doc visit that afternoon revealed he had the PIGGY FLU! I couldn't believe it. We did everything we could to keep him comfy and completely his room for hours. He ate, watched movies, played games...everything but use the potty in that room. We sprayed Lysol, used Purell, washed our hands CONSTANTLY ....unfortunately it did prevent the spread of the horrible disease!!! Finn began getting sick Sunday. The headache-fever-sore throat combo was striking again! Finn doesn't handle the flu well. He has raging, screaming fits accompanied by horrible peircing cries and very little sleep if any. Then I was not even able to get out of bed Tuesday morning....I don't believe I had the flu, but my throat was so swollen I could barely move my neck. Luckily a day in bed and antibiotics called in by the doc made me feel much better. Unfortuantely B began getting a fever Wednesday. She can't tell me if she has the headache and sore throat, but she definitely had the fever. It comes and goes and she plays inbetween. I am just SO INCREDIBLY ready for this house to be free of sickness, germs and sadness. I have been homebound for way too many days and I believe it is starting to affect me mentally!! ;) I have prayed for healing and health, I just wish it would get here sooner rather than later!! I hope no one else has to suffer from the Swine Flu....we got off easy.....even though I am losing my mind! :)

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