Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the midst of it all....

I am so very very blessed. There have been a few things in our life recently that could be classified as "life challenging" and with all the hustle and bustle I can start to focus too much on the bad and not on the good. Luckily I have many people in my life that help me get perspective, feel grateful for what I have and make me feel so cared for and loved on. I can brag on those people right here in blog in no particular order I am totally and completely grateful for the following people:

My Generous Grandma

My Amazing Mom and Understanding Dad
My Incredibly Talented and Selfless friend Ashlee
My Hard Working FIL Bill...who is the best milk man in the world
My Attentive MIL Linda
My Outstanding, Understanding, Supportive, and Selfless husband Joey!

I know this isn't an official card of thanksgiving, but I love you all and could not do "life" without you in it!! God has truly blessed our family of 5 with the most amazing support system. We love you all so much and thank God for you every day. I love you each.

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  1. We love you as well. How could we not love the special person who loves our son!

    Bill and Linda