Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pictures (i love alliteration)

I still don't know how to type above the first pic...so I will start here!! Ha!

We took a trip to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch yesterday afternoon and had a blast...even though it was WAY TOOOOO HOT!! Won't write a lot, will let the pics speak for themselves!!

Finn and his favorites...DINOSAURS!!! GRRR!!

Yes...this is a smile. Her "new" smile....you will see it in most of the pictures! I love that big ole fake smile, chubby cheeks and squinted eyes!!


And here is just pure Owen goodness...

{if you are not smiling so much your cheeks hurt then you have no heart!!}
And the following are such sweet pics of our littles. They are wonderful kids and we love them very much.

Admission was free, but they asked that you donate canned goods...and here they are each giving their own can.

Bounce houses and slides...OH MY!!

Now this next picture of Breslyn is AWESOME!! I wish I could say I meant for it to be SO artistic, but the truth is it just happened. Look in her beautiful eye and sweet red face...I just ADORE this picture....love love.

okay...this is Aidan being the BESTEST BIG BROTHER EVER....he had instructions to help her the whole way. He was awesome. B was so scared and did not want to slide, but with his encouragement she was finally happy to slide down...very very slowly!! Ha!

my sweet family...precious.

Maze...finn did awesome...B and Aidan...not so much!!

We had a great time and I only took about 200 pics!! We have such pretty pumpkins for us to remember our wonderful family time together.


  1. Oh Ashley, these are adorable. Please tell me you made a copy of pics for me! If not, I'll borrow the card and copy myself.
    The pictures of Owen and the kids all together are so, so sweet.

  2. LOVE these!!! I made the first one our wallpaper!!

  3. Awww! These pictures are adorable! Your little ones are so stinkin' cute :) I told the hubs we had to hit the Flower Mound pumpkin patch this year after seeing these oh-so-cute shots you took.

    Hope all is well with you!!