Friday, November 25, 2016

OCTOBER 2016 Round Up

An early morning game...the two non-players were stare at their devices!  They did end up watching the game, once they got started. 

That afternoon I finished the front porch...pretty happy with how it turned out!! :)

That night we hit up the local ice cream is run by friends of ours.  They seem to be doing well and we are thrilled for their success!

Aidan is now running media (on certain Sundays) and I am so proud of him!!  Our pastor was a bit nervous to see him back there running it the first time, but even he has complimented him on his tech skills! 

Another week....another soccer practice!  This is what Owen does while B practices!  I made a video but I can't get it to load.  But it is HILARIOUS!!

That week my former co-teacher and I dressed alike and even wore our hair the same!  I just love Mollie!

Thursday, the 6th, we headed to another football game!  It's always nice to have so much support from family and friends at the games!!

Friday I dropped Aidan off to watch the Varsity game and then B and I went on a date!  (Joey, Finn and Owen were at a campout at our church.)

Yes, she is in her pjs, because she had worn them to school.  I asked if she wanted to change and she said no....and why fight that?!!  

Mexican Inn and then Target...where she tried on high heels and ogled herself in the mirror. ;) 

The next afternoon we pulled out ALL our old costumes and everyone tried them on....we couldn't settle on any one theme.  Super disappointed.  THEN Ashlee came to the rescue and suggested Emoji costumes!!  It was perfect for our family theme!!

A few days later and Owen was in "action" shin guards on his arms, socks on his hand, an AWESOME felt mask and Nerf sword.  Classic.

 The following week we thought someone broke into our house.  It was a huge ordeal and very disturbing.  Joey got a call at work saying our garage door was up and the door to the house was open.  And our dog, Daisy, was out.  Joey called me, I left work and met him at the house...along with Saginaw Animal Control and the Police.  Fun.  The police would not enter the house until there were two of them there to go in, so we waited around for a while.  Finally the partner arrived and they headed in GUNS DRAWN!  Luckily nothing had been stolen and all was good.  Once Aidan was home we got the WHOLE story.  He didn't have his key so he went out through the garage that morning.  The garage door wouldn't shut so he just left it open!!!  UGH!!  And the wind whipping through the garage opened the door to the house (which apparently Aidan hadn't shut all the way).  Soooooo the moral to the story time go out the back door and come out through the fence.  DUH!!  We were very lucky no one broke in to our wide open house AND thankful Daisy had come back home after a little trip to the local park!

More soccer....

Aidan went to Austin with mom and dad...lucky punk!!

That weekend the Watts family came over for a visit!

I loved seeing this pop up on my phone before 8am!!!

And I might have fallen in love with a little kitten I rescued in our neighboring field!!  All the heart eyes!!  I gave her 40 baths and killed off most of the fleas.  She drank milk and ate crushed up dog food as well as eggs with cheese.  We kept her overnight and the following day my dad took her to our local shelter.  :(

Love seeing her help him with his quiet time.  So sweet!

Another (COLD) football game!!  We were so lucky that Gaga brought blankets cause it was ridiculously cold.  

That weekend I got to meet up with my longest and dearest friend, Julie!!  We met for dinner and talked for hours!!  It was perfect and just what we both needed!

Wednesday, October 26th, Finn left for Camp El is the field trip the 5th graders take every year.  He was so excited!!  They were gone until Friday.  I still can't believe this is his last year in elementary school. 

I finally got a haircut!  And I love it!!  And I have discovered some amazing (and cheap) dry shampoo...which means I can finally join the women who only wash their hair twice a week!! Whoop to the whoop!!

Always craftin'....

Another Thursday, another football game.  I love this big boy.  

Saturday we went to Owen's game, then to Chuy's for the best dip ever!!  

 After lunch Joey and Finn went to the TCU football game!!  And I went to B's last soccer game with Memaw!

Sunday Owen participated in his very first Lord's supper.  I've taken a picture of each of them their first time.  He was NOT a fan of the cracker.  Ha!!  We'll see how it goes next time.  ;)

Sunday afternoon this happened.....geez....I mean take it ALL in.  Just so much going on.

Monday, the 31st, the kids could dress up like a storybook character and B was the only one to participate.  She went as Pinkalicious!  

And finally it was time to put on our handmade costumes and go to our old church for their Trunk or Treat!!  I love the way the emojis turned out and I think the kiddos liked them too! 

October was great!  Lots of soccer, football and costumes!!  

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