Saturday, May 20, 2017

APRIL 2017 Round Up

April was pretty similar to last year...great, sad, happy and all the in-between.  So let's get started!!

On the 2nd Ashlee and I had a date!!  We hit up a few of our favorite spots and had a delicious meal at Uncle Julio's!!  But first...a little throwback to maybe 2012/21013?  We  have always had a good time together!  ðŸ˜‚

Lunch....then.... for "casual wear"...

...then "fancy wear"!!  We had a great time and need to do it again SOON!!

The 4th was the anniversary of my brother's death.  It was a hard day for obvious reasons.  I cannot believe it has been a year and a day since I've seen his face.  

 Grief sucks...because you can't predict when it will hit you.  I KNOW that every single Monday I will think about him.  I was driving home from taking my kids to school, and it was almost 8am when I received the call from my mom telling me about Zach.  Every Monday I think about it.  But that doesn't always make me sad.  It's the random days, when I see, hear, smell or touch something that reminds me of him or our childhood and I'll just be overcome with grief.  I was up in the middle of the night replaying Zach's steps and what happened the night he passed.  I needed that for myself.  I can't explain it, but I needed to feel that again.  Tuesday at work was a little rough, but it was a nice distraction.

 April 7th was Owen's birthday!!  So we had our traditional donuts for breakfast!  He was dressed and ready for his 1st grade field trip.  

The next day the six of us spent the whole day celebrating the little rugrat!  First up was soccer, then bowling!!

Next up was lunch at UNO's in downtown Ft. Worth.  The kids loved the food 👏 !!  Joey and I have always loved this restaurant, and are excited that we can enjoy it as a family!

Next up was Putt Putt!  They were doing construction so there wasn't as much to do, but we still had a great time!!  

We ended the day celebrating this little cutie!  Camille turned 3 and we were thrilled to help her enjoy her day!!  

Sunday, the 9th, was my birthday.  I'm...old.  No number needed.  Just old.  Some friends from church took me out for lunch after church, but we didn't get one single picture.  Boo.

That night we had our family dinner to celebrate Owen turning 7!  

 That week we went and saw Beauty and Beast and it was WONDERFUL!!  We watched the sing-a-long version and it was perfect!  AND we were the only ones in there.  

 Later that week a recruiter (who helps kids set up profiles) called to talk to us about Aidan's future in college football.  What??  Luckily dad was there to ask questions, write down notes and listen, while Joey and I just sat there wondering how time was flying by so quickly!!  Ha! 

Good Friday came and Joey took Aidan and B to Austin for a UT spring game!!  They had a great time!  

While they were gone I hung out with my MIL, Linda!  We had a blast at Charming Charlie's, going to antique stores and EATING!!  Lucky for ya'll there were lots of #mannequinselfies to be had!!  You're welcome! 😂

Saturday was a soccer game for Bugs and then I put a flipping new bicycle seat on Finn's flipping bike.  It was not easy.  And finally after watching the same 2min YouTube video 20 times (not joking), I was finally able to put it together.  

And just like that it was Easter!!  I was going to do a whole post about Easter, but this may be all you get!  Love these crazy cuties!!😍😍😍😍😍

The next week I didn't take many pics, but I did get a haircut, went to more soccer practices and ended the season that Saturday with medals and hugs!

That Monday we found out Finley had missed tryouts for 6th grade band!!!!  Very long story short, after speaking with his tutor and the band director, they had already saved him a spot in the percussion section!  Ha!  Stressful day, but here is the next musician in the Tremaine family!

I don't even know if this video will work, but on Thursday night Joey invited our friends over to watch the NFL draft, and during it, Owen wanted someone to pray with him before going to bed.  Mr. George called him over and prayed with him....SO SWEET!!!  

Saturday we celebrated the end of soccer with Owen's coach.  His coach was great and I hope we get him again next season!! 

And finally to end April we hung out with our great friends again!!  We love these two families and will miss the Edstrom's so much when they move.  As you can see by the pics, we are usually laughing when we are in each other's company!  


Bye April....see ya next year!

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