Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aidan's first day of SECOND grade!

I can't believe it....Aidan's first day of second grade!! He really wasn't nervous at all. To embarrass him completely....last year before school, he visited the restroom 3x before we left the house and once when we got to school...very nervous tummy. Anyways, this year was great. He was calm and walked himself up the stairs and went right into his classroom. I was so proud....but sad.

The day ended a little scary though. When you sign in at Open House you tell how your child will get home ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL....bus, walk, car etc. And then you mark what they will normally take...which for aidan was: first day car, every other day bus. Well, somehow Aidan ended up coming home on the bus!!! So there was Joey waiting and waiting AND waiting up at school. Finally "they" figured out he rode the bus home!! Surprisingly I didn't freak out....i was just glad he made it home safely and on the correct bus!! ;) He didn't seem to mind...so that is what matters I guess!! Today, Tuesday, the second day of school, Joey got a call from the teach to make sure Aidan was going to ride the bus!! Teehee!!! I'm thinkin' that second grade is going to be interesting....fun....and hopefully educational!!!

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