Monday, August 17, 2009

a few ramblings....

well, b is finally, mostly walking! She figured out that if she takes much smaller steps closer together, that it is WAY easier....and she falls down WAY less! She is so cute toddling all over the place! Unfortunately today she got her face scratched by our less than obedient dog Brinkley. It didn't bleed much but it was really afraid it might leave a scar. :( She has a huge adult size band-aid on her face! She is a whiz on pointing out her nose, but we are still working on the ears, teeth, hair, etc.

Finn came up to me about a minute ago and spelled his name! F-I-N-L-E-Y!! So very proud of him. I often feel guilt not being able to sit and go over flash cards 5x a day with him like I did with Aidan. Aidan was reading the newspaper at 3, and Finn just isn't quite there. I hope that preschool will help out tremendously...but i am gonna try as much as possible to work with him!!! I love him so much, and I melt when he tells me he wants to give me a hug!

And then there was Aidan! My sweet boy....i was just told today what a great little guy he is!! I totally agree with that. He isn't really looking forward to starting back to school, but I think he is just nervous. I believe he will have another wonderful year....can't wait to meet his teacher this Thursday night at Open House! Second is that even possible?

i love my family....

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