Thursday, January 14, 2010

Close encounters of the FOURTH kind...

We have finally come up with a name that we agree on for our FOURTH and FINAL, repeat FINAL child! We of course stuck with the Irish theme....there were many that we liked, but none we just absolutely loved and agreed on. Unfortunately we are still struggling with the middle name....why does it have to be so perfect, why does it have to have the right amount of syllables, why. WhY. WHY??? Hahaha!! Aidan...6 syllables, Finley...6, Breslyn...5. I know...could I be slightly OCD, I dunno, don't wanna don't tell me!

We will bestow the first name of OWEN onto our fourth born child. I love it....and I'm pretty sure it will fit him just right.

Back to the drawing board on the middle name....fortunately the last name is already chosen..teehee!!!

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