Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I see where he gets his large head..."

Yes, that is what Aidan's pediatrician told me many years ago....as she was measuring his head and charting it, she looked straight at me and commented on my large melon!! I was floored. I couldn't believe the gall...I mean she hadn't even seen the hubs head yet...maybe Aidan got it from him...but of course not...it was/is me...I am the culprit. And apparently the tradition continues!

I had my 28 week appointment today. It was a typical check up, but we were checking on Owen's kidneys. Weeks ago one kidney was larger than the other....then a few weeks later they were even in size, but both were full of "liquid". So I was very anxious for this appt. She was totally unable to detect anything wrong with the kidneys!! Yay! However...another large MELON! Yep, Owen's head is 2 WEEKS AHEAD! His tummy is 1 week ahead. So what does that mean?? Not sure actually. I am scheduled to go back in 2 weeks and 2 weeks after that. Soooo, I guess I am now on a 2 week schedule...which usually doesn't start till 32 weeks. Wow, that all sounds confusing!

All that to say he was adorable on the u/s, moving and kicking AND he is finally head down...he has been transverse this entire time, but finally he is in the right position!! Whoohoo!!

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  1. Large head or not, you are beautiful, and you and my, Ummmm, large footed son, make beautiful babies...getting very excited.
    Love you Owen.:) Love you all,