Tuesday, March 1, 2011

12 in 12: March

So my goal for February was to not drink any "real" drinks...for me that meant Coke and sweet tea. Well I am proud to announce that I did pretty good!! Unlike January....this month was not a big fat fail! Yay me!! Now I did give in every once in a while...Joey would get me a Route 44 Coke sometimes and other times I was craving one!! But in the approx 56 times I could have failed, I only gave in around 5 times!! Okay, enough pats on the back!!

So now onto March!! I have been pondering what I wanted to choose to focus on for the month...and it's been kinda hard. I have so many things I need to work on in life. What to choose, what to choose???!

Well after reviewing my day I have decided that I MUST choose to focus on my family this month. In other words, I will put them first. If that means I will miss favorite TV shows, or I won't have time to make flowers for my biz, or I won't be able to browse my fav blogs, or go shopping in Hobby Lobby, well then I just won't get to do those things. I have unfortunately been neglecting them. I feel it in my heart that I haven't given them enough attention over the last few months, so now I must shift my focus towards them.

Why do I feel like I am slacking....well today it took me approx 90 min to clean our 2 bathrooms!! I mean that is freaking ridiculous! My bathrooms shouldn't be that dirty.

A list of other things:
I didn't make enough of a big deal for Aidan's birthday
I have stopped steaming Joey's clothes
My big boys have slept without sheets for over a week

Whew....keepin it real, huh? Ha!!

Anywho...I am gonna do my best this month to focus on my husband, my home and my children. And like each month, I hope to carry this on past March!!!

Are you putting your family first?

{Jesus first, yourself last and others (husband, kids, family) in between}


  1. Ashley! I appreciate your honesty so much! You are awesome...

  2. Good job you, and your selling of your wares..woo! Its pretty cool huh??