Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinterest Love

So I often see on Pinterest that some people get like 500 pins to one picture, and I wonder how they do it!!  Maybe I'm slightly jealous....just maybe.  Well, all of a sudden a pin I attached to one of my boards FOREVER ago (like my very first pin) has all the sudden become VERY popular!!  Eeek!!  I'm getting 10-15 emails a day showing how many MORE people are pinning it!  Eeek (again)!!!  I can't believe's pretty cool that other people think what you like is "awesome" as well!!  And without further ado, here are the two pics that have been so popular....

The pictures are from a wedding that one of my GREAT blogger friends was in (actually it was her sisters wedding)!!  They all made such a beautiful wedding party!  Thanks Ashley for sharing such meaningful, beautiful pictures!!

Pretty exciting!!  :)) 


  1. wow! I have turned off a lot of my pinterest emails because they were getting annoying so that is so cool to know! I will be sure to share with my sis:) Thanks Ash!

  2. Yay! Don't u love pinterest...I am highly addicted! I haven't quite figured out how to pin something for everyone to see? If you can tell me your name and I can follow u...mine is ways to prosper....
    Happy Thursday!