Saturday, March 3, 2012

Always My Daddy's Daughter...

I had a day a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling vulnerable, scared, needy....I'm not really sure which adjective I would choose, but it was one of those!!  Anywho, during this moment I saw a dad put his arm around his teenage daughter.  It almost brought me to tears, not out of sadness, but because of the sweet memories that flooded my mind!! 

There are times when I miss the days of being irresponsible, carefree, knowing my parents were still there to take care of me.  And although I know my parents would be there for me in an instant even now at 33 years of age, it will never be the same as it was as a little girl.  I love my daddy...I will always consider him that, not my dad or father...but my daddy. 

Back to the memories that I mentioned earlier...

*When my dad and I would go out fishing he would always pack our lunch.  He would make us bologna and cheese sandwiches, with LOTS of mayo!!  We would eat Sour, Cream and Onion chips and drink Coke.  It sounds like such a random memory, but every time I eat those things, I am reminded of my childhood!
*When I was in high school I worked so hard and got an A in my math worst subject.  I proudly told my dad and expected a round of applause for my hard work.  I wanted my dad to be proud of me...he knew that math was/is hard for me...and I couldn't figure out why he didn't congratulate me!  Ha!  Well, later he realized how hurt I was and secretly went out and bought me a Mariah Carey cd!!  It was so sweet...I didn't need the cd, but knowing he was proud of me was such a wonderful feeling!!
*When I was learning how to drive my dad was the unfortunate passenger that had to ride with me...and although I was a pretty good driver, I did have one or two moments where I needed some correction!!  We were driving through a parking lot in my hometown when I just cruised through a stop sign.  I really didn't see it...and it didn't really make sense for it to be there, but alas it was, and I missed it.  My dad calmly said, "Did you just feel like you didn't need to stop at that sign?"  Typical dad language!!  I died laughing, and he was trying not to laugh...but the half smile was a bit of a giveaway!!  Another time he and I drove to our local grocery store and we both got out....and WE left the keys in the car, and yes it was locked!!  I blamed him, he blamed the end it was my fault, but luckily my dad is laid back and didn't rip me a new one!  Ha!
*My dad is funny, witty, sarcastic....but he doesn't cry often.  I can only name a few times when I witnessed him cry.  One of those rare occasions was when our dog Hoover died while we were gone on vacation.  It was a very sad day for our whole family, but dad really took it hard.  I saw then that my dad had a tender heart, no matter how much he tried to cover that side of him up.
*My dad didn't cry at my least not that I saw, I was a little distracted watching my hubs cry crocodile tears!!  {love you babe!!}  But after the wedding my dad and I hugged and cried out in the hall...I didn't want to let go, and I could tell he didn't either.  It felt like that line from one of my favorite movies- Father of the Bride....on the eve of the daughters wedding she told her father she felt like she had to turn in her (house) key to her childhood home....well that is how I felt in that moment.  I felt like I was now Joey's my dad's role was over.  It hurt my heart so badly....such a bittersweet memory.

I can think of many more stories, but I'm crying too hard from that last memory!  Haha!!  I am so lucky that I have such a wonderful dad, who still takes care of me in many ways.  I love you daddy and thank God for you often!!  Thank you for loving on my children the way you loved on me...playing in the dirt, fishing for crawdads, riding the lawnmower, digging up bones, etc!!  God blessed them and me.  :)   

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