Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Newest Member....

of the Tremaine Family....Lulu Grace!!  Isn't she precious??  Okay...I know she has some, shall we say, rather LARGE eyes, but her sweet personality makes up for her not-so-dashing good looks!!

 A neighbor found her wandering our subdivision and she couldn't take her home because she owns 2 male beagles....well OF COURSE I volunteered myself as a foster home until we could find her real owners.  No one ever put up posters, and we even had her checked for a microchip!  And OF COURSE she was, and after multiple calls we discovered that her owners NEVER registered their information!!  Sad for them, but I will admit...when I thought we were going to have to give her back I cried like a big ole baby!!  I really liked that pooch, but had tried not to get too attached.  I hadn't even given her a name at that point.  But I was so excited when we decided to keep her...thank you honey for loving me and making me happy by allowing me to keep this perky little pup...who, BTW, can fit into my purse...teehee!!  The kiddos love her, she is full of energy and even JOEY loves likes her a bunch!!  The only issue we are having now is trying to get her and Brinkley to get along!!  Yikes, it is so not going well.  But I'm determined to keep trying.  Eventually maybe Brinkley won't want to bite Lulu's head off!!

{just last night she decided to sleep with Aidan for a cute!!  And she is my little helper EVERY morning when I go to wake up the boys...when I open their door she runs and jumps on their bed and starts liking them...precious.}

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