Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ashlee and Antiques

So the bestie and I had another "AshleEY Day" recently!  We ALWAYS have so much fun!  We went to Weatherford again, and found a few amazing treasures!!

At our FAVORITE antique mall...Miss. B's.  If you are ever in Weatherford, Texas stop on in and take a look at all the lovlies housed in one very big store!  This pic shows just a few of the things they have outside...tables, chairs, planters, milk cans and LOTS more!

Ashlee...all beautiful and stuff...

My biggest find was this vintage sled!!!  EEEeeeKKK!!  I was so excited...mostly because I only paid $30!!  I've seen these go for $200 before!!  Whoa!  I cannot wait to decorate with it AND use it for props this Christmas!

And here are my other finds...1 GINORMOUS jar of old spools {which I used to make my Heart project HERE}, BINGO cards {already made a craft out of to come soon}, number cards and a #6 domino {projects to come later}. 

Not a huge haul, but things I REALLY wanted!!!  That is always a good feeling...searching for just the right vintage/antique item that was exactly what you pictured!!  Whoohoo!!

Can't wait for more AshleEY time!!

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