Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breslyn and Owen GRADUATE {preschool}!!

It finally happened...preschool "graduation"!!  I now have a baby going into the 3 year old class and a big girl going into Kinder.  Pardon me while I blow into my tissues!!!

I wish it could have been a more fun night, but with all the stress of corralling all of our littles, making sure my entire family had seating {plus Ashlee having a good seat for taking photos}, one of our kiddos promptly puking all over our floor as we were lining up to walk down and the hubs being in a bit of a foul mood, it wasn't the most enjoyable.  But that is okay.  :)

It was a great ceremony and reception...we had almost all our kids parents come up and ask if we would be back next year...and could we teach their kiddos again!!!  Um...YES!!  What a compliment knowing that the kids like us so much they want us again.  I thoroughly enjoyed this year, and was even sad for it to be over.  I am excited for next year {expecially when it comes to picking a theme for the classroom!!!!}!  Teehee!

Here are some pics from our evening!!!

I'm ready Mom!

Can I play now?

Mom, this is me winking.  Momma, I'm winnkin too!

Happily walking down for graduation...

Keegan with a HUGE bubble in his when the kiddos obey..."bubble in your mouth and hands behind your back" UNLESS you are holding the teacher's hand!!

She was a LiTtLe EXCITED!!

Mrs. Sara, our wonderful director and an awesome boss!!  I am so blessed to be teaching under her!

The four year old class singing some fun songs..."It's My Father's House" and "Beautiful One".

sniff, hoo...I'm reallyyyy...sniff, sniff...

Our group of teachers....they really are pretty awesome...again, I am blessed to work with such great women!!

Mom (Gaga), Me and B!!

And then there was this.....

Our all its glory.

 My kids are so BLESSED that they have grandparents who are so active in their lives!!  Thanks for coming Grandpa, Gaga, Grandma, Memaw and Papaw!!

Bres with her friends Tatum and Karington!!

I'm glad that my kids have had such a good year!!  Watch out summer...two crazy littles are free!!

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