Saturday, November 9, 2013

Photo Dump...Week of October the 14th

This particular week ALL the big kids (including the bff's) had Columbus Day off and the next day off for good measure.  Hmph.  Of course it was raining both days, but I made them play outside anyways!!  Here are the little ragamuffins in all their wet, played-out glory!!

In this picture you can see Aidan holding his arm up by his belly...which he had been doing for about a week at this point.  He had fallen at school and landed palm down.  I had pushed and pulled, poked and prodded and knew it wasn't broken.  But after almost a week of him not using it, I got worried.  Joey came home from work and took him to the doctor.  Long story short, should've stuck with motherly instinct, BUT we found out he DID have strep!  Ha!  Poor baby.  

I love her in all her toothless beauty!!

While playing outside, the kids kept bringing me little sweet!!  

Ashlee and I are going to have a FULL day of shopping come November I thought I should put in on my phone calendar!!  What can I say?  I'm a nerd!! clothes...thanks again Grandma!!

Praise team practice that night....

And then basically my emotions went on a roller coaster from Friday through Sunday.  I discovered our "a/c" unit was never shutting off.  After turning it to the off position, I could still hear the fan running.  We put in a new thermostat...but that wasn't the problem.  Saturday my dad came over to check out Joey's wiring work on the stat...while he and my mom were here I received our TXU bill.  $720.00!!!  Seriously!!!  Apparently our fan had been running for a LONG while!!  Anywho, we were able to get some AMAZING people out to fix the problem....and for a very minimal price!!  Thank you Lord for providing for our family!!

Joey and his twin...Kevin...the giant!!  They've matched multiple times at church...and I think it's hilarious!!  I had to take a pic this time!!

That afternoon I did the photo sessions with this precious family.  Again, so touching.

By Sunday night I was feeling run down soup, crackers and water were on the bill!   

Whoohoo...another week down!!  :)  

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