Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo Dump...Week of October 7th

And here we are...another week in photos.  I can feel the anticipation in the air!!  Hahaha!!  :)

Wasn't feeling so good this Monday...sore throat and rundown.  Boo.  

I have THE BESTEST DADDY ever...when he is willing to put his body through this, to tear away layers of my shower floor and fix the cracks...that means he is pretty awesome.  And why is the pic so small you ask?  Because I'm hoping you will avoid noticing the "gross" details of said shower.  Your welcome.

This was a battle, so I needed to photo document it!!  I might have purposefully made her gum bleed during teeth brushing, so that I could "wipe" it with a rag and "accidentally" rip her tooth out!  

I love love love our Wednesdays together!  I am going to miss this so much, so I am trying to enjoy each day with this little man!  

We went to the park...he played, I laughed.  I lurve a good head of static hair!!!  

Notice the fear?  Yeah, me too...hahahaha!!!  ;)

So a couple of little boys spit chewed up Goldfish at my guy during school on Tuesday.  :(  They both apologized, but one even colored him a picture to say sorry!!  So sweet!

Thursday I came out to leave for work...only to find an awesome screw in my tire!!  Whoop!  It wasn't losing any air, so I went to school.  Long story somewhat dad and Grandma came and got my car, took it to get checked, determined the screw was in a bad place and I would need a new tire, then brought my car back.  Yay.  Again, I have THE BEST DADDY ever!  He came over that afternoon to patch it.  He carefully pulled the screw out....and what do ya hadn't even punctured through the tire!!  It was just stuck in the tread!!!  Thank you Lord (and dad)!!!

Then there was some of this...a rousing jam session with one beginner trombone player and one french horn player, who hadn't picked the instrument up in at least 15 years.  
It was enough to make a grown man cry.

Then it was Saturday!  I was so excited to do another senior photo shoot with a gorgeous young lady from church!!

This man...seriously?  

I then came home to edit, edit, eat and edit some more!!  

The kiddos were a little bit worn out from spending the night with Gaga and Grandpa...and notice her ensemble...floral pants, coral, black and white skirt, grey school shirt, tennis shoes and pink necklace.  I was not a part of that outfit.  That is all her!!  Thank goodness I dress her for school!  ;)

There you have it....just a few more posts about October and I will be caught up!! Hahaha!!  

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