Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Trip to Great Wolf Lodge for $40!!

A few weeks ago before another one of the snowstorms hit we were able go to Great Wolf Lodge for $40!!  What?!!  Yep!  To backtrack--- Joey's boss needed someone to come in on Thursday...but the snowstorm was coming in Wednesday night.  So he asked if Joey could spend the night in the area just to make sure the office was open.  ALL the hotels in Grapevine were booked EXCEPT GWL!!!  Lucky Joey!  Ha!  But that sweet man asked if we could all join him...boss said yes AND the hotel gave us a bigger room for free!!  With the room we got 2 adult and 2 kids water park tickets!  We needed one more kids ticket and it cost $40!!


The kids had so much fun Wednesday night!  And Joey will admit he had a great time too!!

Dinner was nice, but we were all exhausted...and slightly cranky!

Afterwards there was a little show in the lobby.  The kids were semi-impressed!  Ha!  

Although everyone else had a wonderful time, I was unfortunately sick!  I pushed through and tried not to complain too much...but a super sore throat, swollen glands, swallowing snot and a fever made that very difficult!  

Late that night we got the official call that school and my work had been cancelled!  The next morning we woke up to such beautiful snow!  I wish I had felt well enough to take them out in it, but I just didn't.  We did, however, return to the water park for a couple of hours!!  

Before we headed to swim, we had a delicious buffet breakfast!!  It was a little expensive, but worth it!!  The bacon alone was amazing!!!

On the way out we took a quick picture in front of the hotel.  
(Finley loved every single wolf at/in the hotel!!)

We had such a nice experience...I would like to go again when I feel better and can!!  

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