Tuesday, March 1, 2016

FEBRUARY 2016 Round Up

Only the first day of March and I'm already posting February's pics!!  Whoop!  

Finally got my MFH shirt!  Love it and loved working with BigFrog shirt company to design them.

Used my new crockpot for the first time...delicious meatballs!!

Went to lunch with these crazies...I'm absolutely the most normal of the group.  :)  Fo sho!

Aidan turned 14.  Sigh....

Our present to him was taking him to see the Longhorns play against Texas Tech in Austin.  We whooped up on those Red Raiders!! ;)

While the big boys were in Austin, the littles and I went to Keegan's birthday party!  We had a blast celebrating with him!!  

Camille was a hoot...

She would NOT let Finn get up.  Every time he tried to move she would push him back down and eat his chips!!  Cracked me up!!  

We went out to dinner to celebrate Aidan's birthday.  Rudy's for the win!  We so loved Rudy's when we lived in Austin, and we are thrilled to have one close by now!  It's the ONLY bbq I even like!

I subbed in B's class...I do really enjoy getting to be in her classroom.  It gives me a peace knowing I have at least one person I can ask questions to...like "how do I work this stinkin computer thingy?" or "where does she keep the cotton balls?"  Ya know...important questions!

We made Valentine boxes.  They had fun decorating their boxes, but the actual valentine's were a pain in the butt and got us all a little frustrated.  But in the end, we enjoyed working together!

Breslyn had her school musical...

Joey and I went to IKEA and purchased two wardrobes for B's room and a desk and shelves for Finn's room.  I lurve IKEA....however, we waited in the checkout line forEVER!!!  Only to realize we were in the credit card only line.  We were paying with cash.  That sucked.  New line.  New wait.  

Our Valentine was wild and crazy.  I spent the day feeling pretty bad, and ended up in Care Now.  I had a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection.  I felt like death...and the week of meds made feel pretty bad too.  I mean...no sinus problems vs. side effects with all the meds.  Face got all rashy, hands and feet burned and swelled, sick to my stomach each time I took them.  But hey, no more snot. :/

 The BEST news EVER came the following week....Haley was declared cancer FREE!!!  Tears...all.the.tears!  Praise you Lord, we are so thankful for answered prayers.

Subbed again...this time for a different teacher, but B came and had lunch with me!  I'm very blessed!

That night I attended our church's women's retreat.  It was very relaxing, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.

 I FINALLY got around to putting Owen's gallery wall up....it's not complete but I'm happy with it.  That blank space is a place for Obug's picture.

I tackled our master bath that same week.  Everything you are about to see was actually IN our bathtub.  Yes, it was very full.  And I'm embarrassed that it took two and half months to get it all put away.  After getting it all separated out I felt SLIGHTLY overwhelmed!!  I did manage to get it all put away...organized and pretty!!

During the bathroom process I came across some jewelry I thought the kids would enjoy looking through...and they did!  I had jewelry from my great grandmother, my grandmother and many other fun things.  Finley is now wearing a necklace that belonged to Joey and he is very proud of it!   

This past Saturday Joey and I finished up our IKEA projects and we are thrilled to be done!! Ha!  I will post pictures later!  

We also drove around looking for locations for our family pics that Ashlee will be taking during spring break!  I think we might go for an industrial look this time.  But still deciding.  

Sunday Haley and I met to discuss two new clients...

And Sunday night B's teacher, Summer Dean, was on 95.9 The Ranch!!  It was amazing to hear her sing live on the radio!!  We have been so blessed to have her as Finley's teacher and now B's teacher.  If you get a chance, check her out on FB...Summer Dean Music!


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